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Sleeping Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction (Waterproof)

Sleeping Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction (Waterproof)

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1 Pair of Sleeping Ear Plugs Noise Reduction

Noise-cancelling earbuds
Reduce noise in life

Product parameters

Material: nano silicone ABS

Lifespan: Recyclable

Size: 27.8*22.2*14.6mm

Uses: Sleep aid and noise reduction

Performance: Waterproof can be washed with water

Our earbuds are compared to traditional foam earbuds

1. Soft silicone material

2. It will not swell the ears when worn for a long time

3.3 layers of noise reduction effect

4. Can be used repeatedly

Suitable for different occasions

Suitable for different occasions

Multi-layer noise reduction, effectively filter life noise

Ergonomic design, comfortable to wear, fit the ear and not easily fall off

Complimentary mini transparent storage box

A variety of color combinations

Soft and skin-friendly, slow rebound, with good noise reduction effect

After use, it can be repeatedly washed and recycled

6 color options

Suitable for a variety of occasions

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